Our wellness center is located in the famous ‘old town’ section of Cuenca. We are between San Sebastian park and the new cathedral of Cuenca (Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción) in front of Parque Calderón, the city’s main square.

Our clients include locals, immigrants, and visitors who are passing through or specifically targeting Ecuador for health tourism.

How We Work

An initial meeting: This usually lasts up to 90 minutes. During this time we try to understand what your major concerns are and what you have done to date. With this information we can give some initial recommendations and supports. If someone has had an injury or only needs fine tuning on diet or supplements, that may be all that is needed. You may also receive some handouts that educate you on something we have recommended and/or you may want to book for some of our therapies, or counselling. There may be some clients that want additional coaching on a specific topic such as diet or cleansing.

Comprehensive Evaluation and Reports: For many there may be more to understand and the issues may be quite a bit more involved. Under these conditions we might recommend a blood report and/or a more thorough intake, which we use to write a comprehensive report. This can include a ‘Plan of Action’ that maps out in detail the various aspects that need to be changed / introduced, in order to start really moving forward with your health.

black-zen-stones2Step by step process: Our reports are really quite unique. They are designed to educate you on your specific issues as well as the various solutions that we recommend and why. The “Plan of Action” is a personalized week by week breakdown of what we recommend you do so that you move forward with your health. The plan of action is not only broad in its scope (we look at the whole picture) but it is also designed in a customized sequence to ensure that your recovery is safe and is completed at a pace that works for you. We can also supply an evaluation of your current medication use so you know if some of your prescriptions are contra-indicated to each other and/or that some of your symptoms may be coming from your medications. We put your report, which can include a drug contra-indication report, blood report as well as a plan of action and education materials in your own personalized binder.

Education: All our consultations are designed to educate you, to give you the confidence and motivation to make the necessary changes, and to empower you to take charge of your health and well being. We not only provide you with detailed information about what is really happening in your body, we then map out the processes and changes that are needed in order to regain balance. We explain why these changes are necessary and how they work. We can also provide you with the latest science and research that supports our recommendations, as well as testimonials from people who have recovered from similar issues. If you are ready to become the CEO and chief architect of your recovery, we are ready to support you through every stage and process.

Holistic Support: We call upon a wide range of training and experience in clinical counselling, energy psychology, vibrational medicine, naturopathy, nutrition, homeopathy, the Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions, and more. We recommend cutting-edge technologies and therapies as well as psycho-spiritual, relationship counselling, and lifestyle coaching. A very important part of what we do is empower you about beneficial dietary changes, appropriate de-stressing techniques, and useful natural supplements, foods and home remedies. This includes counselling you on a large range of methods for detoxifying, de-congesting and optimizing the body.

Therapies: Many of the therapies we provide in our wellness center. We also work with a team of trusted specialists, technicians and practitioners in Cuenca. Together we can provide a cohesive plan that can include various microcurrent, laser, magnetic, infrared and pulsed electromagnetic field therapies, chiropractic, immune boosting and energy healing therapies, blood testing, hyperbaric oxygen, fitness training, acupuncture, deep tissue massage and more.  Similarly we have trusted partners in other places in the world that offer one-of-a-kind therapies that may also be appropriate.  All of these therapies and services  are some of the most advanced available anywhere in the world and we can provide you with detailed information about the effectiveness and safety of these supports as well as professional and client testimonials.


Ongoing Counselling and Coaching: After an initial meeting or consultation package you may want to undertake one of our therapies. All of our therapies include simultaneous consultation / counselling during the session. We also offer ongoing ‘wellness coaching packages’ that are designed to support you, as much or as little as you feel you need.  During these sessions we monitor your progress, make recommendations on adapting processes and keep you on track.

Electromagnetic Frequency Pollution Check: Radioactive electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution or “electrosmog” now envelops the entire world. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD Ph.D., believes that EMF pollution is the single biggest health issue of our time. We offer a complete electromagnetic field pollution check of your house or office. This is conducted with various meters that can read electric, magnetic, and dirty electricity fields. The EMF check includes a physical check of all these fields with an  indication of field strength as well as recommendations. Of specific interest during the EMF check are electrical plugs, household wire, lighting, WiFi, power line, phones, breaker box, computers, and major appliances.

One-on-one Orientation: Some of our recommendations may include dietary changes. We offer an orientation service that includes taking you out to where you buy the food we recommend as well as an in-home demonstration of food preparation.

Dispensary: We offer to only our clients a wide variety of health foods, supplements, supplies and products through our dispensary. These are made available to assist you in implementing your recovery plan and ultimately to support your success.

Costs:  Our practitioners have international education and training (from Argentina, the United States, and Canada). Yet, our fees represent competitive pricing for the local market here in Cuenca, Ecuador. This can be especially attractive to those visiting or relocating to this area, as it translates into substantial savings compared to professional services in countries where we have previously practiced or trained. A growing number of international clients are taking advantage of this cost difference by accessing our evaluation, coaching and counselling services as well as our comprehensive reports, long-distance, through phone, Skype or email. Please contact us for details.

Our Address
We are located in Cuenca’s ‘old town’ only a five minute walk from  the new cathedral of Cuenca. Contact us for details. We see our clients by appointment only.