At Global Wellness Solutions we pick the best nutritional supplements from around the world to help you optimize your body and brain’s many needs for nourishment. 

While our Online Store (see tab) offers breakthrough devices to support your health; coaching & counselling sessions; personalized reports & protocols (and more), this section gives you the opportunity to access carefully selected nutritional supplements that can make a remarkable difference in your recovery, maintenance or prevention plan. 


                                                                             HERE’S SOME SUPPLEMENTS WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND:



This small farm from Oregon State offers the most amazing organic CBD and CBG Oil in the world. The carefully crafted products made from hemp are based on high-quality extraction methods that preserve all the natural elements of this miraculously healing plant. The result is a rich and pure CBD oil that brings balance and healing to the body as a whole, including the brain. Additionally,  you can request custom-made formulas to match your health requirements (e.g., cognitive health). Make sure to send them an enquiry through their Contact Us form if you want a CBD oil made with strains that specifically support YOUR needs! To browse their website, communicate with their very knowledgeable and dedicated team, or buy their products, please click the link below:

Click On This Line for The Lighthearted Farmer Organic CBD Products