We consult with clients all over the world and do so in both English and Spanish. We are educated in Argentina, the United States, and Canada but live just outside of Cuenca, Ecuador. We work online via SKYPE and WhatsApp or we can contact you via phone. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express or PayPal. If you use the PayPal gateway you can also use your Discover card.

How We Work

We communicate initially via email or phone and then conduct face-to-face meetings online via SKYPE or phone. We charge in USD and you can pay for your consultation via our online store in advance of your session.

Initial Consultation: In our first consultation we gather information and make some preliminary recommendations. This can also include handouts, hyperlinks, and/or other recommended reading or video materials. We include these in an email at the end of the consultation. This is usually a 60 – 90 minutes consultation.

Comprehensive Blood Analysis Report: Our optimal interpretation of blood provides extraordinary detail about your current physical health. After an initial consultation, we may recommend various blood tests that you can get done locally. When you get your results, you can email them to us and we can use your test/s and the initial consultation information to write a report. This comprehensive report gives you details about your blood constituents, what each result means, the big picture and recommendations for your recovery. Additional documents may also be attached that go into more detail about specific conditions or recommendations.

Education: Our consultations are designed to educate you so that you have the confidence and motivation to make the necessary changes and to take charge of your health and wellbeing. We provide you with detailed information about what is really happening in your body that is creating your imbalance/s and symptoms. We then map out the processes and changes that are required to regain balance, why they are necessary and how they work. We can also provide you with the latest science and research that supports our recommendations including testimonials.

Leonardo-da-Vinci-inventions-nationalturk-0345Holistic Support: We call upon a wide range of training and experience in clinical counselling, energy psychology, vibrational medicine, naturopathy, nutrition, homeopathy,  as well as the Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions and more. We also provide psycho-spiritual, relationship, lifestyle and environmental counselling.

An important part of what we do is educate you about beneficial dietary changes, appropriate de-stressing techniques and useful natural supplements, foods and homeopathic remedies. This includes counselling you on a large range of methods for detoxifying, de-congesting and optimizing the body. We also provide you with a list of appropriate products and inexpensive tools to support these interventions that you can source locally.

Ongoing Counselling and Coaching: After an initial consultation many of our clients opt for one of our counselling or coaching packages. Wellness coaching is designed to support you through the process of change. We monitor your progress, make recommendations on adapting processes, keep you on track and encourage you as you do what it takes to regain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness once again. Counselling and coaching needs to be consistent  during your recovery. For this reason we recommend that a session every week or two initially is optimal. Then it can change to once a month. The objective is to quickly get you to a place where it may be once a month for a bit and then you no longer need our services.  

Costs: Contact us for details on our fee structure. We chose our base of operations in Ecuador for many reasons. Chief amongst them was the capacity to work and live in an environment where we could provide our clients with a reasonable cost for our services. If you come from a Western industrialized nation then our fees can amount to substantial savings. In many cases, the comprehensive reporting that we do is not done in places like the United States, Australia, Canada and Europe because in these jurisdictions the costs would be prohibitive.