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A MODERN DAY DILEMMA: Who Do We Trust With Our Health?

Is our trust of major health related agencies and companies around the world well founded or should we be re-thinking our trust? There is a growing body of evidence that suggests it would be good to question more what we are being told. This article provides over 40 hyperlinks to various supporting materials and opinions that are […]

Coconut Oil: The Food and Medicine Miracle

Confused about fat? Get the facts about saturated fat and specifically about coconut oil. Not only is it good for you and should be part of your daily diet but it can reverse stage one Alzheimer’s, is anti-fungal, anti-viral and and anti-bacterial. It is also one of the only oils that is safe to cook […]

Eating Out In Cuenca: The REAL Food Initiative

For those of us who take the time to understand the facts, change our lifestyle and eat healthy, their is a challenge when we want to ‘eat out’. The REAL Food Initiative is designed to encourage the public to ask for healthy food and for restaurants to change their menu’s and offer healthier fare. We […]

Cuenca, Ecuador: Top Food Supply In The World

Food is fuel. It supplies the building materials for all of our systems, organs and can have a significant impact not only our physical health but also our sense of well being. Not sleeping well?  Low in energy?  Not completely healing?  Having difficulty with high blood pressure or elevated blood sugar? These are all related […]

Emotional Expression: The Foundation of Health and Wellbeing

While inappropriate expression of anger, resentment, frustration, etc., can be an issue, lack of appropriate  emotional expression on a daily basis is a much more prevalent problem for most people. This lies at the heart of many relationship issues, including the relationship we have with ourself. So much can be done to improve our health, especially […]

EMF Pollution: Worse Than We Ever Imagined

Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) pollution is not just an issue because of the shear volume of radiation that exists all around us but also because of the long-term exposure we are all subject too. This important and timely topic is the subject of recent documentaries, books and even a United Nations warning. EMF pollution is a […]

Watch in Wonder

These recommended movies and videos are intended to support our supposition that during these turbulent times it is critical to become informed and take your health into your own hands. We provide recommendations about documentaries that not only cover health and wellness but energetics and politics as well. This is due to the fact that […]

They Only Found ‘The Cure’ Eight Decades Ago!

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, PhD was nominated an unprecedented three times for the Nobel Prize, for three separate achievements. He won the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1931 for his work in understanding the real cause of cancer. As the Director of the Max Planck Institute for Cell Physiology in Germany, he was considered one […]