Silvana Spanò B.A.  M.A.

M.A. in Counselling Psychology. Adler School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, Illinois (USA) Holistic Health Practitioner. Master-level Research, Training & Apprenticeship Completed (Canada/Guatemala) B.A. in Psychology. Thompson River University (Kamloops, B.C., Canada) Research Training Certificate. 2-year professional program. Langara College (Vancouver, B.C., Canada).

Clinical counsellor; Holistic Health Practitioner, Coach & Consultant; Microcurrent Technology Practitioner; Bio-Magnetic Therapy Practitioner; Autopathy (Homeopathy) Practitioner; Nutritional Counsellor; Ama-Deus Practitioner and Instructor; Theta-Healing Practitioner; Reiki Master; Psych-K Practitioner. 

Author of “Meaning and Effect of Mayan Healing Practices: An Ethnographic Study in Guatemala” (see or

Silvana Spanò is an Argentinian-Canadian clinical counsellor, holistic health practitioner, writer and educator.

As a health coach and practitioner, Silvana combines her formal studies with a full training & apprenticeship in traditional holistic health care.  Silvana integrates nutritional counselling to both physical and psychological/cognitive care. She attributes much of her understanding of holistic health to the knowledge and inspiration she received from Dr. Jonn Matsen, ND, of North Vancouver, Canada. She is especially interested in women’s health and wellbeing — including emotional, cognitive and hormonal health.

As a counsellor, Silvana focuses on guiding the client to find empowerment and inner liberation from perceived limitations. She’s a strong believer in personal sovereignty, and the power of inner growth at any stage of life. Silvana has a special interest in psychospiritual, social and cultural issues. Her chosen modalities include techniques from the new field of Energy Psychology, shamanic therapies, nutrition, detoxification, and more. She is a passionate teacher, counsellor, and health consultant with an unwavering belief in the holistic nature of life.

She is a trained and experienced practitioner of Ama-Deus, Reiki, ThetaHealing, Psych-K, Mayan Therapies and other shamanic therapies. Silvana is one of less than twenty instructors in the world for the healing art of the indigenous Guarani people of South America (a powerful 6000 year-old tradition known as Ama-Deus).

Silvana believes in merging heart and knowledge to create the solutions our world needs today. She is committed to individual and collective healing through enlightened spiritual, cultural, and social activism as a way of life.   

Patrick Coady, B.A.  C.M.T.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Functional Blood Chemistry Analyst, Microcurrent Technologist, Bio Magnetic Pair practitioner, Cold laser Tech, Lecturer, Entrepreneur.

Patrick is passionate about natural healing, cutting edge light and frequency technologies, and the integration of wellness practices that produce extraordinary results. He has been a student of holism for over 20 years and uses this philosophy to guide his path as a wellness consultant, social and human rights activist, environmentalist, eco-entrepreneur, and ardent investigator of truth.

Patrick attributes much of his capacity as a wellness coach to his study and integration of naturopathy, psychology, herbology, Ayurveda, Chinese and energy medicines. His focus is on inflammation, autoimmunity, cognitive, brain and neurological conditions. His mentors and greatest influences include Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.; Dr. Jonn Madsen ND;  Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, Ph.D.; Dr. David Perlmutter M.D., Dr. Peter Osborne D.C., Dr. Dale Bredesen M.D., and Dr. Raymond Francis D.Sc., M.Sc., RNC.

Patrick has lectured throughout Canada, the United States, and South America. He has practiced in Vancouver, Canada and Cuenca, Ecuador.